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Smart Wireless Sensor Network

A dedicated array of multi-sensor units, which are self sustained, cellular connected and are smart - with embedded computation. The result is unbiased, large-sample and hi-res mobility data, at low-cost.

Mobility Insight

Demand Analytics

Doing the right thing: generation of Mobility Situational Awareness – developing a systemic and comprehensive understanding of mobility demand & traffic network performance on top of mobility data gathered, from deployed Smart Wireless Sensor Network and fusion of other data sources, including cellular and apps.

Real Time - Full spectrum traffic indexes, including origin-destination, route and segment flow and travel time
Mobility Demand - Travel purpose, visit duration and commuting, as well as areas of interest characteristics and demographic indicators
Network Performance - Network quality of service indexes including speed & rate, travel time and lost time
Patterns - Data mining and machine learning with regards to temporal and spatial emerging trends and cycles
Bottlenecks - Analysis of recurring and non-recurring congestion, as well as altered network performance evaluation

Adaptive Prediction

Doing the right thing at the right time: real-time simulation of network-supply & mobility-demand projection to multiple future horizons, enabling proactive preemption of congestion emergence.

Mobility Insight

Mobility Optimization

Doing the right thing, at the right time, and doing it right: optimizing the mobility of people and goods through real time dynamic pricing, enhancing quality of service and reducing lost time

Mobility Insight

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